Signature Salads

Cozumel Salad
Seasoned diced chicken breast, mixed greens, avocado, tomato,
mushrooms and cheese tossed in diablo dressing 

Country Cobb Salad
Chicken breast, mixed greens, bacon, cheese, avocado, onion,
tomatoes, and chopped egg with choice of dressing

Buffalo Chicken Salad
Your choice of grilled or fried chicken marinated in Buffalo sauce,
mixed greens, tomatoes & blue cheese crumbles with blue
cheese dressing 

Pecan Dijon Salad
Diced chicken breast, pecans, mixed greens, bacon, cheese,
avocado, and tomato smothered in a warm honey Dijon dressing

Southwest Chicken Salad

1/2 Salad & Soup 

Homemade Soups
Prepared Daily 

Chicken Tortilla   and Chili Offered Everday

Monday Southwest Cream of Chicken :Its Got a Kick "

Tuesday Cream of Tomato & Rice

Wednesday Chicken Vegetable

Thursday Chefs Choice

Friday  "Everyones Favorite" Cream of Chicken Soup 

Saturday Cream of Brocolli

Sunday "Because you can't just have it once a week " Cream Of Chicken with Rice